Real Estate Sales Transactions

MoldMasters realizes the potential volatility of a home purchase successfully closing in this fragile economy. Even though moisture or mold contamination discovery… possibly by a home inspection or an affidavit disclosure, isn’t a subject or an effort a seller and they’re agent wants to experience, MoldMasters strives to assist in saving sale’s, not losing them.

Property Management & Tenant Issues

In regards to complaints, especially in connection to mold related heath concerns presented by renters to they’re landlord’s or property management, MoldMasters expeditious response, not only provides the time critical compliance required by the housing authorities, it also goes a long way toward displaying good faith and a genuine concern for the occupants well being. Thus drastically lessening the potential for litigation.

MoldMasters provides immediate priority response to real estate transactions or property management tenant issue’s. We identify the concerns, minimize the worries, provide fast, affordable and superior quality documented remediation services.


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“Another sale closed thanks to MoldMasters”