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The story your about to here is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

After a year of waiting, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, in this crazy real estate market, finally got an offer from someone to buy they’re home. The offer wasn’t for as much as they had hoped for, but in this economy they thought, at least they could now retire and start the new life they have been looking forward to for so long.

With the prospect of a short 30 day escrow agreement and a cash buyer from out of state, the Smith’s are joyfully packing, garage selling and whistling while they work.

About 4:00pm on a Thursday afternoon, on the 25th day of escrow, the phone rings. The display on the caller I.D. shows their friend and realtor Pam.  Mrs. Smith yells out to her husband, “it’s Pam… maybe the deal is done”.

Mr. Smith waits to here the news but there is no talking. As he walks in to see what’s going on, she is hanging up the phone.

He knows that something is wrong as he notices a tear fall from his wife’s eye.

“What is it” he says?

She turns, slowly looks up and say’s “Remember the mold they found on the ceiling in the attic by the home inspector for the bank… well the buyers said they don’t want to take the risk in buying our home with a mold problem while there are so many others to choose from…so they’ve backed out of the deal”.

You would not believe how often a situation like this occurs. 

Now, not only do they need to remediate the problem quickly before it ruins another sale, but how long will it be until anyone else is that interested again.

Also many times a home is actually blackballed from being shown by the realtors due to word of mouth as the story is shared to follow agents.

If you are putting your home up for sale…Be proactive. Call MoldMasters first.

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