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I remember being on a mold investigation jobsite years ago, where the mold inspector who performed the air and surface test sampling requested I walk the project with him so that I could help with his remediation service protocol design.

While at the residence, the homeowner showed up to meet with us so that he could explain the test result findings. After sharing the information that there was a heavy concentration of Peniciliam & aspergillus’s mold specie found in airborne particulate form throughout the vast majority of the home, the homeowner who was not covered by insurance for this problem asked… what about my furniture and everything else in the house…can it be saved? The mold inspector looked at her and answered “ If it were me.. I’d burn it all!”

I was so embarrassed of this supposed “Certified” professional representing my industry, to know that had I not been there with this homeowner to hear this ridiculously incorrect advise, that this poor woman and her family might have been set back financially for years and might have given up some of they’re most precious, irreplaceable family heirlooms and memorabilia.

Having been a specialist in the disaster restoration, sick building decontamination, bio-hazard cleanup and the I.A.Q. industry as a business owner since 1986, I felt a moral and ethical duty to informed this client that not only did she not need to give up her material possessions, not one… but that the effort and cost would probably not exceed $3,000

I would estimate the total value of this family’s material possessions to be around the $75,000 mark. Not to mention the loss of memories. $3,000 vs. $75,000!

In general, unless furnishings have been in direct contact with mold and moisture over a long term basis, causing mold digestion and breakdown of organic fiber’s such as cotton, paper, wool, wood, etc, then almost certainly the can be cost efficiently cleaned or restored to there original condition.

Air-borne mold particulates that circulate throughout the ambient air in an indoor environment, are usually dry. And though Professional remediation expertise and specialty equipment usage may be necessary to obtain proper remediation results regarding the decontamination of furnishings and contents, the cost are likely more reasonable you think…when you hire MoldMasters

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