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Although there are still a few smaller independent insurance providers that cover damages cause by mold contamination regardless of the reason, most of the larger nationally known companies have discontinued that type of coverage.

We have experienced first hand the attempts made by the insurance industry and their agents to inaccurately interpret policy coverage to their insured customers. It is not uncommon for an agent or claims adjuster to quote that mold is not covered within your policy. This is usually true with regards to a chronic, slow or long term water leak due to a lack of common maintenance.

However, when a water or sewage damage claim is considered to be a covered loss by your insurance carrier, then by extension, any mold contamination development as a direct result from that water or sewage damage should also be covered as one loss.

If you experience a loss caused by fire damage that was extinguished by the fire department, an unexpected flood, water or sewage damage…then Call MoldMasters of Coeur d’Alene.

Not only are we experts at structural drying, mold growth prevention and decontamination, but we are ethically creative at assisting our clients through the insurance claims process in order to receive they’re rightful coverage.

It is your right to hire the service company of your choice. Choose MoldMasters.

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