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Most individuals or companies that offer mold inspection and testing do not have the years of practical remediation background experience needed to fully comprehend the entire scope of a mold or microbial decontamination project from start to finish.

In fact, most of them have no experience in the actual practical application of microbial decontamination remedial services at all. Therefore it is usually necessary for a client to seek help from multiple vendors in order to achieve a finished project.

These companies play the “conflict of interest” reasoning card. But the truth is that they lack the years of mandatory remediation project exposure, and will almost assuredly never acquire it, in order to be qualified in providing superior, convenient, competent and affordable total project services.

At times, this lack of practical application experience of full spectrum project comprehension, exhibits itself to the detriment of the client. They are commonly limited to relying only upon test results and monitoring instruments for their conclusions.

In addition, they are usually not certified trained, experienced or qualified to affect, disturb or remove any building materials as is so often imperative, in order to find hidden mold and moisture contaminated sites and conduct a complete and thorough investigation.

Also, these single dimensional service providers depend on revenue derived completely from inspections and test sampling only. The end result to you the client is additional time, frustration and severely inflated total project cost.

MoldMasters of Coeur d’Alene’s personnel is nationally certified trained, experienced and competent, providing affordable and superior mold related services from start to finish.

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